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The Munsters All Family Figures (5) - 1/24 Scale 75mm

Roleplay Resin Miniatures


            Pictures For Illustration Purposes Only 

You are Buying 5 Figurines Only In Raw Hard Resin

 HARD Resin Models are Only Suited for Static Display Purposes 

 Part No: GG-Herman Mun 3DP 1-24 Scale 

 Part No: GG-Eddie Mun 3DP 1-24 Scale 

 Part No: GG-Lily Mun 3DP 1-24 Scale 

 Part No: GG-Marilyn Mun 3DP 1-24 Scale 

 Part No: GG-Granpa Mun 3DP 1-24 Scale 

All Figurines are (5) - 1/24 75mm scale Roleplay resin miniatures
Designed by 3DP-Miniatures
Pictures are of the sculptors design, if there is a painted version shown it is for illustration only. 

All supports will be removed. Some miniatures will require assembly the best glue to use is a good super glue like Zap-a-gap.

he figurines are designed by 3DP-Miniatures. All 3DP-Miniatures projects are purely artistic work (so-called Fan-art) and represent their vision of the characters, which means that the figures are not a licensed product. More information can be found at CG Trader3DP-Miniatures.

Metal Mania 3D is a distributor of physical 3DP-Miniatures products, we offer ready-made figurines worldwide. Many are in stock, however some may be made to order.

I would Suggest that you Purchase others, as it will cost the same to post 1 to 5 in Australia, so you will save some money by buying a Few at a time.

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The Munsters Family Figures (5) - 1/24 Scale 75mm Roleplay Resin Miniatures 3DP

SKU: GG-The Munsters all Figs x 5 3DP 1-24 Sc
$75.00 Regular Price
$68.00Sale Price
Printed & Shipped in 2 to 4 Days
  • RAW = Straight of the Printer

    RAW HARD Resin Models & Figurines are Fraglie

    Static Display Models ONLY

    Extra Care is Required: When Working on Smaller Areas & Smaller Parts

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