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Queen Marika 1-Large Scale 250mm approx Resin Model Kits DDP

            Various Versions see below for Instructions 


              Pictures For Illustration Purposes Only 

You are Buying 1 Figurine Only that you Selected to the Right

 HARD Resin Models are Only Suited for Static Display Purposes 

 Part No: G-QuenMarkStand 250mm DDP 

 Part No: G-QuenMarkNSFW 250mm DDP 

 Few Versions see below & Select Standard or NSFW = Nude 

Queen Marika 1 - 250mm Resin/PLA Model Kits DDP
 Please Advise Body Parts you would like from the Last Photo 
    Before Checkout Very Important See Box to add Codes    
       Select Parts for Both Standard or NSFW=Nude           
     Or Just Say Standard which will be the Number 1 Photo     

All miniatures are printed in resin and do not come with a base unless one is mentioned.


Pictures are of the sculptors design, if there is a painted version shown it is for illustration only.

All miniatures will require assembly the best glue to use is a good super glue like Zap-a-gap. You will also have to prepare your miniature for painting, there may be some traces of The supports, if any from the printing process, I will have removed them before shipping. You may have to work with your model to get it together 100% these kits are 3D printed

The figurines are designed by Digital Dark Pin-Ups. All Digital Dark Pin-Ups projects are purely artistic work (so-called Fan-art) and represent his vision of the characters, which means that the figures are not a licensed product. More information can be found at Patreon: Digital Dark Pin-Ups

Metal Mania 3D is a distributor of physical Digital Dark Pin-Ups miniatures, we offer ready-made figurines in Australia and World Wide. Many are in stock, however some may be made to order.


I would Suggest that you Purchase others, as it will cost the same to post 1 to 5 in Australia, so you will save some money by buying a Few at a time.

Please Checkout our other Resin Figurnies, Car Bodies & Kits 

Queen Marika 1 - Large scale 250mm approx. Resin Model Kits 2 Versions DDP

$60.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
Printed & Shipped in 2 to 4 Days
  • RAW = Straight of the Printer

    RAW HARD Resin Models & Figurines are Fraglie

    Static Display Models ONLY

    Extra Care is Required: When Working on Smaller Areas & Smaller Parts

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