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Metal Pliers Tool Straight Micro Size Nose Pliers + Box GENUINE PIECECOOL TOOLS 3D Metal Pliers Tool

Part#:T-JZQ05 Black Straight Nose Pliers With Box

Hardened Cutter Face Perfect for all Metal Models and Holding Bending of the Parts cut from Sheets, and for that real hard tight area, when some assembly has been done and also folding twisting in tight places.

Awesome little Pliers not big bulky heavy.

We actually use these in our shop also when building Models.

Interested In any more Tools let us know below

Piececool 3D Metal Pliers Tool T-JZQ05 Black Straight Micro Nose Pliers + Box

SKU: Part#:T-JZQ05 Black Straight
$16.99 Regular Price
$8.50Sale Price
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