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NEW 5 Star Rims & Tyres 1:64 1 set

4 x High quality Rims Real Rider Tyres + long axles x 2

Colour: CHROME Plated

Model: 5 Star + Assembled Axles Printed on tyres: Clean no printing

Size: Outer Diameter/Tall 10.37 mm Size: Width 5.47 mm Size: Wire Axle Wheels outer Rim to Rim 31.87 mm Size: Wire Axle Wheels Inner Rim to Rim 20.97 mm (Same as Hotwheels Matchbox, Set Already Assembled if to long just cut to size and crimp or peen ends Length suits must JDM's)

High quality rims & axles. Tyres fitted on the cars can be a plug and play

(The Car is not part of the Sale, Display purposes Only)

See Video in: 3D Model Videos & Tips Super Easy to fit & use Kit as sold These items are latest aftermarket wheels to enhance the looks of your beloved 3-inch diecast models, be it Hotwheels, Tomica, Majorette, Matchbox, Biante, Corgi and other suitable brands

You are buying 1 Set of 4 Rims & Tires & 2 Axles

It will definitely enhance the looks of your beloved diecast!


Now in Stock Not painted, Injected Molded plastic rims Gold or Chrome + other colours and Real Rubber tyres with No printed writing These are not made on a 3D Printer Genuine Injection Molded rims and tyres, with Chrome and Gold Plating, Same as Hotwheels, M2, ETC They are Quality Products see pictures for all details sizes etc + More. Look Fantastic and way better in the real as these are Microscope Mode Images and they show everything Loads More colours coming soon and also loads more styles, stayed Tuned Awesome for the upgrade or Restoration Rebuild or Customizer

Interested in More 1:64 Wheel Kits Let us Know Below

NEW 5 Star Rims & Tyres Real Rider Tyres + axles 1 x Set of Wheels Chrome Plated

SKU: 5 Star Rims & Tyres 1:64 & Axles 1 set
$12.00 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price
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