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5PC-SST Metal Mania 3D Tools 3D Metal Tools for Modeling

Round Shaping Steel Rods 5 x Hardened Round Stainless Steel Solid Rods (Sizing Below) Part No: MM3D-5PC-SST 5 x Hardened Round Stainless Steel Solid Rods Shaping Rod Tools Multipurpose Steel Tool For Short Round Bends Curved Pointed Ends Suitable for Curving Rolling Bending Rounds with ease.

Part: MM3D-5PC-SST 5 Piece x 5 Sizes Stainless Steel Round Rods

1 x 40mm L x 6mm Round

1 x 40mm L x 5mm Round

1 x 40mm L x 4mm Round

1 x 40mm L x 3mm Round

1 x 40mm L x 2mm

Round Also has a little Rubber Holder to Keep them all together so you don't loose any of them Round Rods are made by Precision Machining and are Perfect for Metal Working on Rounded shafts to make them fit perfect and with ease. Simply wrap the sheet metal/part around the Rod the size you need to fit run it along the side of the Rod to where you can Wrap roll the metal where you need it to be as per the instructions on the model your working on, and you can also hold the Rod with the pliers or hand and then do a nice neat tidy Curved Roll like a Pro. Very easy to use and Extremely Very handy. Can also be used for a shaping device for many other bends on various parts, also is Harden Steel so wont bend. Models we used these tools on is SR-71 Blackbird Jet Plane, and Fighter Planes F35 Lightning II to mention a couple.

We Recommend and Use these tools ourselves as its a very handy part of metal model building today, checkout all our other tools in the Tool Shop for building 3D Metal Models.

Interested in more Tools let us know below 

MM3D Tools for 3D Metal Modeling 5 x Hardened Round Stainless Steel Solid Rods #

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