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MM3D Tool for Metal Modeling Hardened Gauge

Tapered Poly Ring Sizer Shaping Tool -110143-04

Has Ruler Either side, mm & Inches & Ring Sizes also Metal Mania 3D Tools for Metal Modeling Hardened Round Poly Shaping Pipe Tool, perfect for metal modeling shaping Multipurpose Hardened Poly Tool For long Tapered Round Bends Dome Curved ends, 2 sizes, Suitable for Shaping Folding Bending Rounds, domes, and more so Long Tapered pieces, which this Tool makes it a breeze to do, for most anyone, and also has a Flat Surface Either side Dimensions

Big End Other Dimensions of Rod: Big End 72mm x 25mm to Curve Bend then to Straight Length 190mm, Small end 10mm x 7mm Diameter

Part: MM3D-110143-04

Round Rods are made by Precision Machining Tools for Perfect Metal Working on long Tapered Rounded shafts to make them fit perfect and with ease, also has lots of other shapes this Rod is Capable of, as so many shapes and sizes on this makes it very handy. Simply wrap the sheet metal/part around the Taper Tool along the side of the bar to where the fold needs to be as per the instructions on the model your working on, and you can then hold the Tool with your hand and then do a nice neat tidy straight Tapered Curve Fold like a Pro, Very easy to use and Extremely Very handy, can also be used for a shaping device for many other bends on various parts, also its Harden Poly so wont bend or Break. Models we used these tools on is F4U Corsair , and other bigger Planes, and Castles, Domes and more, just to mention a couple. We Recommend and Use these tools ourselves as its a very handy part of metal model building today, checkout all our other tools in the Tool Shop for building 3D Metal Models.

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MM3D Tool for Metal Modeling Hardened Gauge Tapered Poly Ring Sizer Shaping Tool

SKU: Part: MM3D-110143-04
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