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MM3D Professional Modeler

Angle Flat Face Pliers Angle Pliers

45* degree Triangle Grip Gold Handle -PAFBP-G Flat Surface Grip Gold Handle Spring Return & Clear Jaw Safety Protector Cover Clip Folds Away if you don't want spring Return On.


3D Metal Angle Pliers Part:MM3D-PAFBP-G Packaging: Plastic Packet Material: Carbon Steel Harden Face Length of Jaw: 15mm Jaw Grip Package Includes: 1 x Angle Pliers (Gold Color Handle as per Photos) For the Full on Metal Modeler, we also use this Tool in our own shop tools for Metal Model Assembly + more. Great Quality Pliers Tuff and Strong, Also good for the Models where the Steel is a little Thicker and Stronger, there is also the same Quality Cutters and more in the Tool Shop to match Check them out, and let us Know.

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MM3D Professional Modeler Angle Pliers Flat Surface Grip Gold Handle -PAFBP-G

$18.99 Regular Price
$5.70Sale Price
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