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MM3D AILIHUA Precision Cutter Multipurpose

Use for Cardboard Metal Wood 3D Models Tool Knife Pen Shape Set

Part No: MM3D-A-100

Shaping Pen Bending Rod as well.

Comes with 10 Spare Blades in 2 styles 5 x 45 Degree - 5 x 30 Degree

Angles Made of Hard White Poly and Aluminium Knife Retainer Blade Fittings, and also safety Cap for Blade end. Spare Blades come in there own little cylinder for Safe Keeping. This little Hand held Craft Hobby Knife, is Perfect for cutting out Model Piece's on EPS Foam Board, Metal and Wood also. This little pen knife, is also very useful for the small Metal Model Planes, its the right size for shaping Jet Plane Bodys and Fighter Plane Bodys, and its also extremely useful for doing long round bends and with a hard ploy shaping point like Pen comes in handy. This is a very useful tool, and a must have for all modelers of all Materials, see photos of the item you will receive. We also Use and Recomend this Tool for all Model Missions.

Interested in more Tools, just let us know below

MM3D AILIHUA Precision Cutter Multipurpose Used for 3D Models Tool Pen A-100

SKU: AILIHUA Precision Cutter: MM3D-A-100
$14.99 Regular Price
$4.50Sale Price
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