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Metal Mania 3D Tools

Part: MM3D-BR-98-6

Metal Model Bending Rod Tool Harden Stainless Steel Very strong

98mm Long x 6mm Round 3D Metal Model Assembly Assistant Multipurpose Steel Tool for bending the Tabs on all metal models Bending Rod, This Tool can also be used as a round rod for shaping long round Parts round tube style areas and also small round end pieces Perfect for Bending Tabs The Rod has micro slots in either end of the Rod the correct size to allow the tabs from the model to fit in so you can easily bend or twist the tab without any pressure and the risk of squashing the model, and its also perfect for where pliers and other tools cant reach, and also a nice round shaping Rod

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MM3D 3D Metal Model Tab Bending Rod Multipurpose Steel Tool -BR-98-6

SKU: Part: MM3D-BR-98-6
$9.90 Regular Price
$2.97Sale Price
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