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Metal Earth Monarch Butterfly


Coloured Stainless Steel 3D Metal DIY Model Kit The Monarch Butterfly may be the most familiar North American butterfly. Its wings feature an easily recognizable tawny orange with black veins and margins, there are two series of small white spots in the margins. This iconic pollinator has a wingspan that averages 8-10cm.

Monarch Butterfly Item#: MMS123

Number of sheets: 1 Sheet

Difficulty: Easy Assembled Size: L 4" x W 2.25" x H 1.25" 3D Laser Cut Model - Butterfly Monarch. Cut from a 11cm square thin sheet of metal, easy to follow instructions to pop out the pieces, bend the tabs to construct this model. The Monarch Butterfly is apart of the Nymphalidae family. The monarch will always return to areas rich in milkweed to lay their eggs upon the plant. The milkweed they feed on as a caterpillar is actually a poisonous toxin and is stored in their bodies. This is what makes the monarch butterfly taste so terrible to predators.

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Metal Earth Monarch Butterfly Coloured Stainless Steel 3D Metal DIY Model Kit

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