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CAT - Caterpillar Wheel Loader

Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Steel Model/Puzzle

Licenced Caterpillar. Product -

CAT - Caterpillar Wheel Loader Item#: MMS423

Number of sheets: 2 Sheets

Difficulty: Moderate

Assembled Size: 3.62" x 1.3" x 1.54"3D


Laser Cut Model - Caterpillar - Wheel Loader. Cut from a 11cm square thin sheet of metal, easy to follow instructions to pop out the pieces, bend the tabs to construct this model Caterpillar - Wheel Loader. Wheel loaders are versatile mobile shovels that transfer material from stockpiles to trucks, or transport material around job sites. Bucket sizes range from perhaps 1 cubic yard for small utility machines, to 20 cubic yards or more for large models in mining applications.

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Metal Earth CAT Caterpillar Wheel Loader 3D Laser Cut Model KIT

SKU: Caterpillar Wheel Loader EV#: MMS423
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