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Magic Puzzles Universe Exploration MP-ZM-113

Comes with the picture frame which is part of the Puzzle Build Suitable for Ages 7+ Bringing out the Little Engineers in everyone, great Early learning Skills, Reading Instructions, which they are pictures and also numbers, learning Assembley and completing the tasks to build 2D/3D Puzzle

48 Pieces DIY Easy To Assemble No Scissors Required No Glue Required. Just Pop the pieces out and build your model, easy as that.

Difficulty: 4 Stars **** out of 6 Stars

Time to complete is around 30 to 60 mins

This ZM 2D/3D Series Model Puzzles, where the Main Objects in the Picture Proprudes out of the Frame giving you the 3D affect of the Object Jumping out at you. Made from: EPS Foam Board, (Not Cheap Cardboard)

Universe Exploration 2D/3D Magic Puzzle MP-ZM-113


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Magic Puzzle Universe Exploration 2D/3D Puzzle 48 Pieces DIY Model ZM-113

SKU: Universe Exploration MP-ZM-113
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