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Magic Puzzle Magic Garden MP-ZM-118 2D/3D

Puzzles of Fruit and Vegetables, Build the Puzzle Talk about it and the Fruit or Vegetables These Fruit and Vegetables are all made with Funny Faces for Fun reference and easy to remember Absolutley Awesome FUN for young learning, these are Really Fantastic Fun for Mum dad and children Suitable for Ages 4+ Helping Children remember Fruit and Vegetables, the easy and fun way, it will also Bring out the Little Engineers in Children, great learning Skills, Help with Reading Instructions, which they are picture also an numbers, learning Assembley and complete the tasks to build All Fruit and Vegetables have Funny Faces Attached to them Please See Pictures 2D/3D Puzzle 105 Pieces DIY Easy To Assemble No Scissors Required No Glue Required, Just Pop the pieces out and build your model, easy as that. Difficulty: 2 Stars ** out of 5 Stars

Time to complete is around 60 to 120 mins This ZM Series Model Puzzles are a Multi Model puzzle set This one has Magic Garden with Fruit and Vegetables + Funny Faces Made from: EPS Foam Board

(Not Cheap Cardboard) Magic Garden in 2D/3D Magic Puzzle MP-ZM-118


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Magic Puzzle Magic Gardens in 2D/3D Learn Fruit & Veg Fun Puzzles 105 Pcs DIY Mo

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