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     WW2 German Soldiers x 2 Machine Gun Sand Bags

          And Diorama Accessories in Various Scales

              3D Resin Printed Minature Model Kit


            Pictures For Illustration Purposes Only 

Your Buying 2 Figurines + Accessories in the Scale you Selected 

 HARD Resin Models are Only Suited for Static Display Purposes 

 Part No: 2GerSoDioSWW2 1/16    Part No: 2GerSoDioSWW2 1/35 

 Part No: 2GerSoDioSWW2 1/18    Part No: 2GerSoDioSWW2 1/32 

 Part No: 2GerSoDioSWW2 1/24   Part No: 2GerSoDioSWW2 1/56 

 Part No: 2GerSoDioSWW2 1/25   Part No: 2GerSoDioSWW2 1/72 

 Part No: 2GerSoDioSWW2 1/48   Part No: 2GerSoDioSWW2 1/76 

German Soldiers x 2, WW2 Male Age between 28-35 years.

4 x Different Head Styles + Diorama Accessories See Pictures

Designer: Sabrina94




The height of the human figure Varies depending on the pose of the model.

Wehrmacht Soldier model with guns mg42, box, sand bag clothes and equipment. Soldier models of the Second World War.

The characteristics are shown in the photos.


(The written information may have typographical errors and the shape and number of models are shown with pictures, being the final reference of the product).

Please Note:

Area below to be Updated Once Items are 3D Printed 09-05-2024

2 Model Figurines 4 Head Styles.

Figure and base?? merged or figure only. Complete your collection!!


I would Suggest that you Purchase others, as it will cost the same to post 1 to 5 in Australia, so you will save some money by buying a Few at a time.

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German Soldiers x 2 + Diorama in Various Scales 3D Resin Printed Miniatures

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  • RAW = Straight of the Printer

    RAW HARD Resin Models & Figurines are Fraglie

    Static Display Models ONLY

    Extra Care is Required: When Working on Smaller Areas & Smaller Parts

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